5 Ultimate ways to get on the Instagram explore page

How to get on the Instagram explore page

So, you’ve bought some followers and want to make use of those. The best way to receive a lot of new organic and unique followers quickly, is getting on Instagram’s explore page with interesting posts.
This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, and you might need to learn some stuff about how Instagram’s algorithm works.

We will be explaining the details and specific ways you can optimize your Instagram posts.

What is the explore page?

If you are familiar with the Instagram app, you probably already know about it’s explore/discover page.

If you don’t use Instagram a lot, here is a screenshot of the button:




The explore page is a really powerful tool to get new organic followers which are, most importantly, probably interested in similar hashtags.
This means the chance of someone following you from your post on the explore page is pretty large.


Finally, the 5 ultimate ways to get your posts on the explore page:


1: Post at the right times

Timing of your posts has a big impact on getting on the explore page. Make sure you post a lot in the rush hours of Instagram.
To check which hours are the best to post, you can use the Instagram analytics tool which Instagram offer themselves.

Rush hours are the best times to post because most people will browse the explore page around that time. Which increases the chance of them seeing your post.

2: Do live sessions every now and then

Not only pictures and videos get on the explore page, live streams also get on there. So if you go live every now and then, you might attract some new users.

They might be interested in your posts later on, and that way you can get more organic likes. Just make sure your live sessions are interesting enough for people to watch.

3: Use the perfect hashtags

Yes, don’t use the right hashtags, use the perfect hashtags. If you want to get access to the explore page, you need to be very cautious about which tags you use.

Make sure all hashtags fit in with your posts, and check if there is a lot of competition on hashtags you want to use.
Competition is good when using hashtags, because that means the hashtag is popular, and will give you more chance to get on the explore page.

4: Use the location feature

If you’ve used Instagram and have actively posted in the past. You might already know that there is a feature on Instagram which lets you add a location to your post.

This is really handy when it comes to getting in the explore page, because people might search for pictures of a location. Just make sure the post has something to do with that location.
For example: when you post a picture of a taxi driving through Broadway, add ‘Broadway’ as location.

5: Tag Instagram accounts

Tagging accounts in your posts can be handy in some situations. As long as you tag accounts which have to do something with your post.

You can, for example, tag Nike when you post a picture of your new running shoes. If Nike happens to like your post, you can get a lot of new organic followers.


We hope to have informed you enough about the explore page. There isn’t really a simple algorithm which decided what shows up. In the end you just have to post interesting photos/videos with a good description and tags. And you’ll end up on the explore page some day.