4 Ways to make your Instagram account stand out

Instagram offers a lot of fun tools to make creative and eye-catching posts and stories. Why not make make use of those?
It’s essential to have your posts stand out if you want to be successful on Instagram.

That’s why we will be showing you 5 methods that, with some work, will make your Instagram profile stand out.


1: Use Instagram’s video effects

If you take pictures or record video’s in the Instagram app itself, you can make use of the cool effects integrated in Instagram’s internal camera mode.
For example, using Boomerang you can make repeating videos. Instagram also offers some cool face-filters to compete with Snapchat.

Boomerang is especially cool to use for situations like filming cars, jumping in water and similar action shots.

2: Slideshows, use your creativity

There are a lot of things the slideshow feature can be used for. Some examples are wide panorama photos, collages and behind-the-scene pictures/videos.
There is probably a lot more you can do with the slideshow feature, just be creative!

3: Use multiple posts to show 1 large picture

You’ve probably already seen this some time while browsing Instagram. Using apps like ‘Giant Square’ (iOS and Android) you can create multiple parts of 1 photo and make it look like 1 big picture on your profile.

This can also be used very creatively, but it’s harder to track the engagement because you have to look at all 9 ‘parts’ to check the likes.

4: Take a theme and try to stick with it

Your profile will be much easier to the eye if you use similar colors on your post. This also gives it a really artistic vibe.
You can go for a grey theme, or just go all out and make the posts very colorful. As long as you don’t mix those together.

Try to make your bio look nice as well. When all these things are combined, you should have a really pretty Instagram page. And the followers should be flowing in soon!
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