4 Essential ways to organically grow your Instagram by buying cheap followers

Because of the enormous active user base, Instagram is the most popular choice for new brands, products or personalities who want to grow their online presence.
The amount of active users on Instagram have been doubled in only 2 years. But how do you reach your audience on a social media platform this big? The answer is simple: by buying followers.
But these followers probably won’t be interested in your niche, product or modelling pictures. But the bought followers can help you reach organic followers, because people are more likely to follow a account with 5,000 followers than an account with only 50.

We’ll give you some very important methods to get the most value out of your bought followers.

1: Use the right hashtags

If you want to grow your Instagram account from 0, there are a few essential things you should do. And the most important one of them all is: using the right hashtags, and a lot of them!


The way Instagram users find new accounts to follow is the discover page. They search for a specific hashtag or they get posts with similar hashtags as posts they have liked before. So, by using the right hashtags, you can reach an audience which is interested in your content, and is more likely to follow you and interact with your posts. Don’t be a afraid to use a lot of hashtags, as long as they have something to do with the post itself. You don’t want to add food-related hashtags to a picture of a model.

2: Have a consistent posting schedule

The more posts you make, the more chances they get shown to users in their discovery feed. But make sure each and every post is unique and fun to look at.
Make sure you don’t post too much either. Users following you are much more likely to unfollow if you spam their feed.

The times at which you post are also very important, recent posts are more likely to be shown in the discovery feed. Depending on which continents you want to reach, you need to post at the right times.

3: Interact with your community

By using interactive posts you can expand your reach with the help of your current community. People like to win free stuff, contests are just a cheap but effective marketing campaign.

By holding contests you can attract even more audience. The only cons are that you might attract users that are only interested in getting something for free, and not interested in interacting with the rest of your posts.
Contests are very useful for companies that sell products, but less useful for individuals. Make your community tag a friend under a funny or informative post. The users tagged are very likely to follow you and join your community.

4: Make use of other social media

You can promote your Instagram account on other existing social media like Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat.
This is also fantastic if you have the same kind of audience, as they will immediately be able to interact with your content.

So if you haven’t connected your social media accounts, it’s never too late to do so.