4 Awesome tools for growing your Instagram

1: Generate fitting hashtags easily

Hashtags are great for Instagram accounts that want to expand beyond their friends and family. They are used to create some sort of index, in which people can search for posts that might interest them.

There is only space for 30 hashtags in each post. That might seem as a lot, but it really isn’t. You always have to choose the most popular hashtags. It takes a long time to find all the right hashtags, luckily there are some very handy tools online that do this for you.

One of those tools is https://all-hashtag.com/ , although this site might not have the most intuitive interface, it is quite effective. You can enter a word/hashtag, and the site will automatically search the 30 most popular hashtags that fit that term.


2: Schedule your posts

This tool is very handy if you don’t want to have to wake up in the middle of the night to make a post on Instagram, just because that’s the best time to post it.

You can create posts and tell this tool when to actually post it on your Instagram account.

So, go ahead and surf to https://hootsuite.com and start scheduling your posts!


3: Edit your photos on your phone

You probably don’t always have access to a computer with special photo-editing software like Photoshop. If you just want to add some nice and professional filters to your post this app might be something for you.

This tool can help your posts catch the eye of someone scrolling through their explore page, if you bundle this tool with the right hashtags, it can be very powerful.
The tool we are talking about is https://vsco.co/ , but there are a lot of similar apps available online. We just really like this one because it has a filter for almost every type of picture.


4: Find your target audience

This tool is probably the most powerful one in this list. This is some kind of search-engine for knowing what type of posts to make and what hashtags and description to add, so you can reach the largest possible audience.

This tool also allows you to do mass-actions in batches. So it safes you a lot of time as well.
It’s definitely worth to check out this one, go to https://www.combin.com/ and download the client for your current platform.

These tools are especially powerful as addition to buying cheap followers and buying likes.