3 Ridiculous myths about buying Instagram followers

When you’re brainstorming about ways you could grow your Instagram, buying Instagram followers or likes has probably come along in your mind. There are a lot of sources online which tell you that buying Instagram followers or likes is dangerous or risky. Those sources will usually include some of these ridiculous Instagram myths as reasons to not buy any followers or likes. That’s why we are going to invalidate 3 of the largest myths about buying Instagram followers.

Myth 1: Bought Instagram followers can get your account suspended

You’ve probably read it somewhere on the internet. When you buy followers you risk your account, but this is simply not true at all. Instagram does not suspend or ban accounts with fake followers, because the source of those followers is unknown. Anyone could send fake followers to someone else’s account and get their account suspended if this myth was actually true.

This also means that it doesn’t really matter which source Instagram followers get bought from. Just make sure you buy from a source that offers good support, and there will be no problems whatsoever.

Myth 2: Buying Instagram followers is illegal

This is probably the funniest Instagram myth there is. Buying followers is legal in every country and/or state in the entire world. There is not even 1 country that lists buying followers or likes as a criminal act. No one has ever gone to jail for buying followers or likes. It may break Instagram’s terms of service, but the only thing they can do against you is suspend your account; which they do not even do as stated earlier.

It would be absolutely ridiculous to get jail time for something which can not even be proven you did yourself. This is the same reason as why Instagram doesn’t suspend any accounts with bought followers or likes.

Myth 3: Buying Instagram followers hurts your reputation

This myth is not true in most cases. As long as you buy from a reputable source that delivers good, quality followers you won’t have any problems with the reputation of your Instagram account, company or product. Most companies that are now big on Instagram have bought followers or likes¬† back when they started out. Just keep in mind that buying followers is merely a tool to get real, organic followers.

So all in all, buying Instagram followers is not as risky as you thought at first. Just buy from a reputable source and message the support team when you encounter any issues. We wish you a lot of success with growing your Instagram account, and make sure to check out our article about organically growing followers using bought followers.